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  2. fuckyeahbrutalism:

    Housing for Visiting Professors, Rehevot, Israel, 1960s

    (Rechter & Zahry)

  3. hombre-hombre:

    Caravaggio (Derek Jarman, 1986)

    (Source: cinematographr, via confessionsofamichaelstipe)

  4. Shipping forecast

  5. unavidamoderna:

    Edificio de la Administración para Bacardi en Tultitlán, México 1961
    Arq. Mies van der Rohe 
    Foto Brehme
    Bacardi Administration Building, Tultitlan, Mexico 1961

    (via archilista)

  6. Venice street artist

  7. Venice #throwback

  8. Train ventures

  10. architectureofdoom:

    Großes Schauspielhaus, Berlin, Hans Poelzig, 1919, demolished in 1988

    (Source: andgatherer)


  11. EP here.

    Thank you!

  12. EP is ready and will be up on my bandcamp for a fee of your choice by tomorrow. Pardon the suddenness. Here’s the artwork 

    The EP is titled Manoeuvres and has five tracks. The fifth being a bonus track included when downloading the entire EP. 

    I’m very excited by this work. It’s short and abstract and lyrical and above all simple; the perfect ingredients. 

    A few things about buildings should be said but no matter for that.

    I do hope you enjoy it and take care of it if so. 

    Much Love!

    Photo by: Gioia Emidi

  14. miymintimatmazel:

    Stairway to Heaven.

    Left After Assad Bombing in Aleppo

    (via archilista)

  15. b-a-c-u:

    Commercial Complex Matei Ambrozie, Bd. Camil Ressu, Bucharest

    (via architectureofdoom)